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Volleyball training sessions are available for young players aged 12 to 18. Our goal is to provide consistent volleyball skill development and training that emphasizes player mechanics, techniques, and elite game development.

OUR FOCUS​: Technique  I  Mechanics  I  High Energy Development  I  Volley IQ Improvement


DIG: Deeper

HIT: With Purpose

SET: Higher Standards

BLOCK: Out Distractions

TRAIN: To Be Different


Our volleyball Group Training Session is the perfect opportunity for young athletes aged 12-18 to enhance their skills on the court. Each session is 1 hour and 45 minutes long, priced at CA$30.00 per person. Our training is suitable for skill sets ranging from novice to intermediate, and we limit our group size to no more than 10 people to ensure personalized attention and hands-on guidance. Join us for a fun and interactive session that will help young athletes develop their techniques, teamwork, and game strategy in a supportive and collaborative environment.


Select three training sessions and receive each session at the discounted price of $25.

Use coupon code DADLIBUNDLE at checkout.


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Head Coach

Coach Steve began playing high school volleyball in 1986. He played on a grass pitch in his hometown of St. John's Antigua. In 1991, he formed his first volleyball team with a group of friends and competed in the local volleyball league. Soon after, he was named captain of the National Volleyball Team, and represented the country in a regional under-19 tournament. In 1992, Steve was chosen to compete for the Senior National Team. In 1996 he competed in the FIVB Olympic qualifier in Trinidad and Tobago. After college, he continued to play for the National Team until 2010.


During his playing career and subsequently to this day, he has had multiple coaching stints: 1991- 1992 – Player coach – Rockersville Headhunters Volleyball Team. 1991- 1993 – High school coach – Jennings Secondary School Volleyball Team. 1996- 1998 – Paragons Female Volleyball Team. 1996- 1999 – School Volleyball Head Coach. 1998- 2004 – Great Danes Volleyball Club. 2001- 2003 – Assistant Coach Female National Team. 2004- 2010 – Paragons Volleyball Club Player Coach. 2011- 2017 – Durham Attack Volleyball Club (head coach/assistant coach) 2017- Present – Durham Rebels Volleyball Club (head coach/ assistant coach)


1998 – 4th Place / OECS Annual Volleyball Regional Tournament 1999 – Leeward Island Volleyball Championship BEST SETTER 2000 – Sportsman of the Year Nomination 2000- MVP Leeward Island Volleyball Championship 2000- OECS Volleyball Championship BEST SETTER 2000- 2004 Gold / Leeward Island Volleyball Championship Tournament 2002- Bronze / OECS Volleyball Championship. 2004- Bronze / OECS Volleyball Championship 2005- Annual Volleyball Championship 2005- FIVB Olympic Qualifier. 2006-2007 – Gold/ Leeward Island Volleyball Championship. 2009 - FIVB Olympic Qualifier.

Courses & CertificationS:

Student Aide Program: 1992 1996 2000 2002 FIVB: 1999- Referee Certification 2001- Level 1- Coach 2009- Level 1- Coach refresher. 2017- OVA Coach Certification

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Assistant Coach

Sandra began playing volleyball at the age of 11 and quickly excelled. Her volleyball career began with the Durham Attack Volleyball Club and progressed to the Durham Rebels Volleyball Club. She has played a variety of positions throughout her playing career, bringing a wealth of knowledge to development and mechanics training.


2019 – Present

Coach, Durham Rebel Volleyball Club

Demiah Hamilton

Assistant Coach

Demiah has been playing volleyball for ten years. She has played a number of positions, but has excelled as a left-side player and libero. She was a standout volleyball player at Pickering High School. Demiah's entire volleyball career has been with the Durham Attack Volleyball Club.


2022 – Present

Coach, Durham Rebel Volleyball Club.

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Dadli Training Videos
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